Andrea Hamilton AH Studio

Established in 2014, AH Studio is a contemporary art organization based in Belgravia. Founded by artist Andrea Hamilton, AH Studio consists of a non-profit gallery and a seasonal programme of events and educational projects with special focus to the photographic image and art history. The programme of talks at AH Studio is conceived to explore the potential of research, education and participation within the sector. These events often prepared more spontaneously, contribute to Andrea Hamilton Studio with a responsive and flexible approach to her main areas of interest as an artist. It also intends to promote the Arts and generate a sustained impact in its local community. This space intends to put Andrea Hamilton’s work together with other artistic practices in order to start a dialogue about subjects such as political landscape, climate change and nature conservation, among other themes. In addition, AH Studio supports a wide range of activities from art organisations and institutions such as Bold Tendencies, Arkitexture and Tate Patrons to charities and foundations like The Savitri Waney Charitable Trust, Kids Company, Song Saa in Cambodia and The Gandhi Foundation. Anthony Downey, Charles Zana, and Alona Pardo, among others, were some of the lecturers in 2015. Further information here.